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Asmita Rajiv, Artist, Author, Poet
A bit about myself...

Unlike my education in Physics & Business Management which is backed by formal degrees, my existence in art and poetry is purely backed by my passion. As an artist, I give myself permission to feel the emotions in their unabashedly crude form, however jarring or heart wrenching. And from there, right from this core, my art comes alive.

Since my dorm days, I have been passionate about making my space homely, warm, inviting, and most importantly my own. Be it my dorm room, art studio, rented apartment, or my own house, I have always made the space a place where I always love to return to, where my family and friends could feel like home, and where wonderful memories are created. 


I strongly believe that every home deserves to be beautiful & soulful, and it is with this passion that I started Asmita's Art & Soul. Every product is personally designed by me with a hope that it will become a part of your life and will bring warmth and beauty to your personal space and a smile to your face. 

I am also excited to share with you my debut book, titled "Unsaid", which was #1 New Release in its category on Amazon US, Germany, and India. It has received 4.3 star ratings on Goodreads.

Poetry book Woman with flowers

Excerpts from my book...

The fallen autumn leaf laid on the grass…

  Quivering yet unafraid
  completely devoid of any shame
  It lets the earth embrace its pain
  ‘cause in healing there is no shame.

  When I turned the leaf over
  I found my face smiling back at me
  And just like that on that autumn day
  I found a piece of my broken me.

‘Unsaid’ is a collection of heartfelt poetry and prose attempting to make sense of these broken pieces. 

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